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Center-fine C-C
S 52 47,5 52 74º 72º 13,5 42,5
M 54 49,5 53,5 74º 72º 14,5 42,5
L 56 51,5 54,5 73,8º 72º 17,5 42,5
XL 58 53,5 56,5 73º 72º 17,5 42,5
XXL 60 55,5 58 73º 72º 20 42,5


  • Frame: X1-Cross Carbon
  • Fork: Carbon Monocoque
  • Direction: FSA
  • Rear derailleur: Campagnolo Record
  • Front derailleur: Campagnolo Record
  • Shift controls: Campagnolo Record
  • Manetas freno: Campagnolo Record
  • Brakes: Campagnolo Record
  • Cassette: Campagnolo Record
  • Cranks: Campagnolo Record
  • Disks:50X34
  • Pedalier: Campagnolo Record
  • Power: Costantino carbon alloy
  • Handlebar: Costantino Carbon
  • Saddle: Costantino Carbon
  • Seatpost: Costantino carbon alloy
  • Wheels: Costantino Carbon Cubierta

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The Costantino Ciclo-Cross frame, like all our frames, is built with the highest technology, and has been developed to complement the range of bicycles, in all cycling disciplines at a professional level.


Combining the geometry of the frame with the most modern materials and using the Monocoque modular method, the result is a frame that offers the cyclo-cross bike the stability and maneuverability necessary on any type of terrain.

The advantages of these combinations offer:

  • Total reliability
  • Easy handling both on asphalt and on rough dirt roads.
  • And the lightest weight that can be achieved without compromising reliability.

Given the characteristics of the cyclo-cross sport, a prestigious bicycle has to meet these three fundamental requirements.

Thinking of the mechanical forces that these frames have to suffer and absorb, the process of stratification of the fibers at various key points inside each module is much more elaborate than on a road bike.


The frame is made up of 3 different modules, the main triangle that incorporates the head tube and bottom bracket, the rear tie rod module that incorporates the cantilever brake pivots and the rear chainstay module that is directly attached to the bottom bracket shell and rear wheel dropouts.

After the preparation of these three molds with the stratified carbon fibers, they are subjected to a heat treatment in the autoclave at a pressure of minus 6 bars of vacuum and a temperature of 140ºC.


This process guarantees the perfect compaction of the internal sheets of the three components of the frame. After 6 hours of autoclaving the components are extracted from the molds, sanded from excess resin and assembled to the frame by means of special glues mixed with carbon fibers, again they are subjected to 6 hours of autoclaving where the glues solidify constituting a unique body with the frame that gives them the characteristic of a Monocoque with the highest performance.