Our history

The company is founded by Constantín Negulescu, a mechanical engineer with more than 45 years involved in cycling.

He started in his youth, first as a runner in the youth and amateur categories, to continue as coach and selector of the United States national team and coach of the New Zealand women's national team. Product engineer for the firm Shimano and, today as a bicycle manufacturer.

With the arrival of new materials and technologies from other industries such as aerospace and automotive to the world of bicycles, Costantino has seen a gap in which to offer its contribution to the development of frames, with aerodynamic, structural and biomechanical properties.

Teams such as Benotto USA, Colgnago USA, Batavus International, Celestial Seasonings, Macario Féminas and cyclists of the stature of the brothers Joel and Dale Stetina, Frak Andreu, Norman Alvis, Eros Polli have been under his orders as bicycle designer and coach. , Richard Meeker, Laura Charamide, Maria Blower, Jeany Longo, Ruth Mateus, Bárbara Ganz, Maria Cannins, Fátima Blazquez, Izascun Bengoa, Gema Pascual, Maria Jose López, Rosa Bravo, Hennie Top, Madona Harris, Rebeca Tiwgg, Alexi and Rischi Grewal, and a long list of great champions. And as technical advisor and designer of bicycles that have taken cyclists such as Valverde, Escartín, Robero Heras, Joan LLaneras, Isaac Gálvez, José Moreno, Juan Martínez Oliver, Joane Somarriba, Junichi Kikuta

Constantino Hi-tech

Costantino Hi-Tech is not just any other brand of frames and bicycles. We believe that it is useless to build something without passion, without soul or without meaning. We are proud of what we do. We believe in excellence and quality design.

With the help of the latest materials, technology and our expert knowledge, we are committed to developing and producing bicycles of the highest standards.

Each of our bicycles should provide greater enjoyment, as well as a total sense of security for each user. Our bikes are built to be responsive in the harshest and most extreme conditions, reliable as well as functional.

Nothing is left to chance in the construction and design of bicycles, everything must have a very precise function. We know that it is not the easiest way to do things, but it is that in Costantino Hi-Tech we see things in a different way than the conventional one and we like to do things in a way that is also different from what is common.

That is why our bikes are among the best.

In the end everything means that a Costantino bicycle is designed for those people who know how to appreciate the excellence of what is well done, and can afford to own it.


Best memories