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  C   A E F D G
  Center-fine C-C          
S 51 46 52 75º 71º 13,2 41
M 52,5 48 53,5 74,3º 72,9º 14,7 41
L 53,5 50 54,5 73,9º 73,1º 15,7 41,5
XL 57 52 56 73,3º 74º 17,5 41,5


  • Head Set.
  • Seat post.
  • Fork.
  • Seat Clamp.

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The frame X1-TI has the special characteristic of being one of the few frames worldwide on the market that is made with the monocoque technology, which means it is truly manufactured in one piece, in a single step, without previous stages in the manufacturing process.

This has the particularity of offering a continuous structure which brings a multitude of advantages to be highlighted:

  • More riding comfort.
  • Increased stiffness.
  • Reduce the chance of human error to a minimum in the manufacturing process.
  • Refine aesthetics.
  • Reduction of aggression to the environment.
  • Weight reduction.
  • Lucks of any creaking noises.

An important phase of the manufacturing process is the stratification of the resin pre-impregnated fabrics, which could reach a number of a hundred small pieces of different shapes and mechanical characteristics, which vary based upon the functionality of each piece and the strategic place where are located in the interior of the frame’s structure.


Once the stratification process is finished, the frame’s mould is submitted to a heat treatment inside an autoclave (vacuum chamber) to a pressure at minus 6 bar vacuum and a temperature of 140 degrees Celsius for a period of 6 hours. This technology enables to compact the composite structure with a perfect exterior finish and a homogen density of the interior layers along the whole frame, which gives it a fundamental characteristic of mechanical strength and balance.


The final result is the creation of a very special frame based upon the wisdom on the choice of materials, the typology of the carbon fabrics and the correct placement of the right pieces at key points inside the frame.


Frames that at first glance look alike ours, may have some differences that only an expert’s eye can identify and sometimes not even, due to the fact that the differences are in the internal structure of the frame. The materials could be remarkably different from ours without the possibility of finding out. These differences can leave some manufactures look ridiculous by stating that their frames are monocoque when really they know there are not, and also are using cheaper materials that can reach an alarming decrease of mechanical properties of the frame that could lead dire imaginable consequences.

What makes the X1-TI frame really different from other frames is that we are adding to the high stress points a hybrid fabric of carbon-titanium, visible at the sides of the down tube joining the head tube, not visible in all the other high stress points because are used in the stratification process of the internal fabrics like at the bottom bracket and the junction of the seat tube to the other tubes.


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01 – S @en, 02 – M @en, 03 – L @en, 04 – XL @en


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